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Order: Insectivora

Moles, hedgehogs, shrews, solenodon and tenrecs first appeared in the Upper Cretaceous period and are now distributed worldwide except in Australia, polar regions, and many oceanic islands. They are a diverse group of mammals sharing certain primitive characteristics but highly specialized in several adaptive modes. They are  terrestrial, arboreal, semi-aquatic and are insectivorous to omnivorous.  The  Shrews are the smallest of living mammals. 

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Order Insectivora
... Order Insectivora. (insectivores). Almost all Mesozoic
mammals were insectivorous. Insects are by ...
Description: Introduction to the Order Insectivora, from Animal Diversity Web.

Natural History of Order Insectivora
Mammalian Order Insectivora. Page Contents. ... Introduction
to the Order Insectivora. All ...

Mammal Collection Holdings - Order INSECTIVORA
COUNTY ORDER INSECTIVORA. (Broken down to Country and State). ...

Order Insectivora
... ORDER INSECTIVORA: SHREWS AND MOLES. The name insectivora (insect eater) has reference
to the food habits of the group as a whole. Although moles and shrews are ...

Order INSECTIVORA Insectivores Family Erinaceidae Hedgehogs
(Genus: 2, Species: 2, Individual: 44 ...

Order Insectivora: Solenodons
... Skulls/Skeleton (Replica) > Order Insectivora: Solenodons. ...

Animal Links - Order Insectivora (Shrews, moles, hedgehogs, ...
Animal Pictures Archive. Home > Phylum Chordata > Class Mammalia > Order Insectivora
Order Insectivora (Shrews, moles, hedgehogs, etc.). ...

Insectivores - Order Insectivora
... Order Insectivora. Order Insectivora is comprised of a wide variety of mammals,
from the pygmy shrew to the spiny hedgehog. Insectivores are named after their ...

Order Insectivora
Order Insectivora - Insectivores. Family Soricidae -
Shrews. Sorex cinereus Masked Shrew. Sorex dispar ...

Southern California Mammals - Order Insectivora
Southern California Natural History. Southern California Insectivora. Mole,
broad-handed (Scapanus latimanus). Shrews (Family Soricidae). ...

Insect Eaters(Insectivores) - Order Insectivora
Insect Eaters(Insectivores) - Order Insectivora. Golden Moles - Family Chrysochloridae:
Giant Golden Moles: Giant Golden Mole - Chrysospalax trevelyani: ...

GeoZoo: Shrews, Moles, Hedgehogs, and Relatives (order ...
. . . . . ... University of Michigan s Animal Diversity Web: Order Insectivora.
BioInfo (see GeoZoo s insectivore family sites). ...

Key to Skulls of ND Mammals
U.S. Geological Survey Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center Key
to the Skulls of North Dakota Mammals. Order Insectivora. ...

Mammal Species of the World
MSW Scientific Names. [Query] [Home] [Help] Copyright 1993 Smithsonian Institution.
All rights are reserved. [Parent] [Offspring] [Synonyms] ORDER INSECTIVORA. ...

MSL, Order Insectivora
Mammal Image Library Catalog. ... ORDER INSECTIVORA. Family
CHRYSOCHLORIDAE - Golden Moles. Chrysospalax ...

Georgia Wildlife Web Site; Mammals: Insectivora
... Phylum: Chordata Subphylum: Vertebrata Class: Mammalia. The Order Insectivora includes
shrews, hedgehogs, and moles. The order's name is a clue as to what these ...

Order Insectivora. Family Erinaceidae. African hedgehog
(Atelerix albiventris). Family Talpidae. LINK ...

Mammals - Insectivores
Class Mammalia - Mammals. Order Insectivora: Insectivores.
The insectivores are found all over ...

Royal BC Museum Directory - NaturalHistory Section
... (I) = introduced species * = taxa endemic to British Columbia.

Order Insectivora
Order Insectivora. Shrews and Moles. Characteristics
of the Insectivora. Name means one who eats ...

AnimalFact. Definitions: Phylum| Sub-Phylum| Class| Order| Family| Species Phylum:
Chordata. Sub-Phylum: Vertebrata. Class: Mammalia. Order: Insectivora. Family: ...

List of mammals
The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

Alex Badyaev - Lab Scans for BIOL 306
... Order Insectivora: Family Soricidae- Shrews (and Moles). The Order Insectivora is
comprised of a variety of diverse mammals from the hedgehogs and tenrecs of ...

... Order Insectivora. 6 Families, 365 species. (Under
Construction). The reference for this List of ...

... the University of Michigan Animal Diversity Web. Order INSECTIVORA.
shrews, moles, hedgehogs (6 families, 400 species). ...

... and MW Allard. 1999. Phylogenetic relationships of the order insectivora based on
complete 12S rRNA sequences from mitochondria. Cladistics 15:221-230. Frost, D ...

Order Insectivora Order Insectivora contains the most primitive placental mammals.
Members of this order are characterized by a pointed snout and a small brain ...

Ooi's Malaysiana Class of Mammals 2000
... 9. 238. Infraclass Eutheria Placental Mammals, 86 (?),
3375 (?). Order Insectivora (Insect Eating Mammals), ...

Lecture 11 -Insectivora
Lecture 09. Order Insectivora. Introduction. 3rd largest order of
mammals which now includes 7 families, 77 genera, 400 species. ...

A list of threatned animals in Sri Lanka
... Class: Mammalia. Order: Insectivora. Family: Soricidae. English name:
Sri Lanka long-tailed shrew. Scientific name: Crocidura miya. ...

Virginia Hayssen
... sexcinctus, 252, Yellow Armadillo Order Insectivora.
Family Tenrecidae Subfamily Tenrecinae Hemicentetes ...

... the relationships of the six families that comprise the order Insectivora are
not well understood either. There are many competing classifications with ...

Mammals of Ojibway - Windsor, Ontario, Canada
... year. Opossums are active year round. ORDER INSECTIVORA.
Short-tailed Shrew - Common and widespread ...

Order Insectivora Theria Mammalia Tetrapoda Chordata Animalia Eukaryota. A diverse
group of primitive placental mammals. Originated Late Cretaceous. ...

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