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Order: Scandentia

Tree shrews have often been considered a divergent family of Insectivora. They differ from members of that family, however, in possessing complete auditory bullae and zygomatic arches. Their orbits are large, and behind the orbit is a well-developed and complete postorbital process. Some investigators have suggested that they might also be related to Primates. The order contains one family (Tupaiidae) containing 5 genera and around 19 living species.  - University of Michigan Museum of Zoology.

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Order Scandentia/Family Tupaiidae
... Order Scandentia. Family Tupaiidae. (tree shrews).
Like elephant shrews, tree shrews have often ...

Mammal Collection Holdings - Order SCANDENTIA
COUNTY ORDER SCANDENTIA. (Broken down to Country and State). ...

Order Scandentia: Tree Shrews
... Home About Us Contact Us Shipping and Payment Info. How to Order Check Out Order
Status Rentals. Skulls/Skeleton (Replica) > Order Scandentia: Tree Shrews. ...

Order SCANDENTIA Tupais, Tree-shrews Family Tupaiidae Tree Shrews
(Genus: 1, Species: 2, Individual: 10) Back to Menu.

Animal Links - Order Scandentia (Tree shrews)
Animal Pictures Archive. Home > Phylum Chordata > Class Mammalia >
Order Scandentia Order Scandentia (Tree shrews). ...

sci.anthropology.paleo: Apr-95: Order Scandentia
Order Scandentia. K. Hufford (
3 Apr 1995 22:50:03 GMT: ...

Mammal Species of the World
MSW Scientific Names. [Query] [Home] [Help] Copyright 1993 Smithsonian Institution.
All rights are reserved. [Parent] [Offspring] [Synonyms] ORDER SCANDENTIA. ...

Order Scandentia. Family Tupaiidae.

Mammals - Tree shrews
Class Mammalia - Mammals. Order Scandentia: Tree shrews.
Tree shrews ..... Family Tupaiidae ...

Biology of the Tree Shrews
Mammalian Order Scandentia. Modern Tree Shrews. The ... Scandentia.
Evolution and Phylogeny of Order Scandentia. ...

... Order Scandentia. 1 Families, 16 species. (Under Construction).
The reference for this List of Orders ...

... Above the Species Level. Columbia University Press, New York. Nowak, RM 1999. Order
Scandentia. Pages 244-249 in: Walker's Mammals of the World. Sixth Edition ...

Order SCANDENTIA. learn more about tree shrews from. the University of Michigan
Animal Diversity web. Family Tupaiidae--tree shrews [fig 11-23]. ...

Eurasian Insectivores and Tree Shrews - Status Survey and ...
... Europe, the former Soviet Union, Africa, and southern Asia. The tree shrews (Order
Scandentia) constitute a much smaller group of just 19 species, all of which ...

ORDER SCANDENTIA Taxon: Tupaiidae -- Tree Shrews. Taxonomy: 5/19 Tupaia. Significance:
Uncertain position - related to primates, bats or insectivores? ...

GeoZoo: Tree Shrews - Hyperactive Asian jungle critters that ...
... them in 1989. Learn more about tree shrews! Tree Shrews
(order Scandentia). ... GEOLINKS. (IR)Rational ...

Lecture 12 - Mac/Der/Scan.
... Order Scandentia. Fam. Tupaidae (Tree shrews; 5 genera, 19 species)
Click here for images and distribution of tree shrews. ...

Mammalogy Laboratory 3 - Monotremes and Marsupials
... Order Scandentia (Tree shrews). Diagnosis: squirrel-like in size and form (19-40
cm); molars with w-shaped ectolophs (dilambdodont); post-orbital process ...

Coccidia of the World
... Updated: 4 February 1999 Comments: (Duszynski) or
(Upton). ORDER: SCANDENTIA. FAMILY: Tupaiidae (Tree-shrews). ... & Social Studies Planet
... 58. GeoZoo: Tree Shrews! (order Scandentia) - Like Africa’s elephant shrews, Asian
tree shrews have been grouped with both primates (monkeys and relatives ...

... Order Macroscelidea - Elephant shrews. Order Scandentia - Tree shrews General characteristics:
- usually small - long narrow snout - 5 clawed digits - usually ...

... some time. Recent research indicates that they are not classified as either of these
orders. They are now considered the only members of the order Scandentia. ...

Order Scandentia - Family Tupaidae - Genus Tupaia.

Zoology 365: Biology of Mammals
... shtml. Order
Scandentia. Family Tupaiidae (tree shrews). Order ...

Virginia Hayssen - Index for Mammalian Species
... Subfamily Desmaninae Subfamily Talpinae Subfamily Uropsilinae* Order Scandentia*
Family Tupaiidae Subfamily Tupaiinae Subfamily Ptilocercinae* Order Dermoptera ...

... in the order Primates. More recently, some authors have proposed to place the tree-shrews
in the separate order Scandentia. Satellite DNA sequences have been ...

... zoos and other institutions requesting information on the lifespan of tree shrews
(Order Scandentia). Most of the inquiries have been sent to countries in Asia ...

Mammals of the World
... Infraclass Eutheria: Order Xenarthra; Order Insectivora; Order Scandentia; Order
Dermoptera; Order Chiroptera; Order Primates; Order Carnivora; Order Cetacea; Order ...

World Problems: Alphabetic Index O... (page 284)
... species Santalales | (E); Order Threatened species Sapindales | (E); Order Threatened
species Scandentia | (E); Order Threatened species Schizomida | (E); Order ...

... moles, hedgehogs, tenrecs, etc. Order Macroscelidea -- elephant shrews Order Scandentia
-- tree shrews Order Dermoptera -- colugos Order Chiroptera --bats ...

Mammalogy - Lecture 1
... Order Scandentia Grandorder Ungulata: Order TUBULIDENTATA Order Cete (includes

Tree Shrew
... Scientific classification: Tree shrews make up the order Scandentia, which contains
a single family, Tupaiidae. The pen-tailed tree shrew is classified as ...

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