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Order: Xenarthra

Sloths, armadillos, and anteaters first appeared in the Lower Eocene period and currently distributed in North and South America.  Anterior teeth lost and cheek teeth reduced to simple rootless pegs without enamel, or lost altogether in anteaters. Their claws are generally stout with everal groups walking on the sides of feet. Their Brains are small, skull is low, and the zygomatic arch is usually incomplete.

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Order Xenarthra
... Order Xenarthra. (armadillos, anteaters, and sloths).
Xenarthrans radiated in South America during ...

Georgia Wildlife Web Site; Mammals: Xenarthra
... The Order Xenarthra includes armadillos, anteaters, and sloths. Although these mammals
may seem very different on the outside, they have several similarities ...
Description: general description

Biology of Order Xenarthra
Mammalian Order Xenarthra. Page Contents. ... Introduction
to the Order Xenarthra. This primitive ...

Mammal Collection Holdings - Order XENARTHRA
COUNTY ORDER XENARTHRA. (Broken down to Country and State). ...

Order Xenarthra
... ORDER XENARTHRA: ARMADILLOS, SLOTHS, AND ALLIES. This Order seems to have developed
in South America and only recently invaded North America. Its members are ...

Order Xenarthra or Edentata - Armadillos, Anteaters, Sloths
... Order Xenarthra (aka Edentata). Xenarthrans, also known as edentates, comprise
a small group of some of the more unusual mammals. They are, for the most part ...

Animal Links - Order Xenarthra (Anteaters, Sloths, Armadillos ...
Animal Pictures Archive. Home > Phylum Chordata > Class Mammalia > Order Xenarthra
Order Xenarthra (Anteaters, Sloths, Armadillos). ...

Order XENARTHRA (formerly Edentata). anteaters, sloths
and armadillos. aberrant Neotropical to Nearctic ...

Order Xenarthra. Family Myrmecophagidae. LINK TO giant
anteater (Myrmecophaga tridactyla); giant anteater ...

Mammal Species of the World
MSW Scientific Names. [Query] [Home] [Help] Copyright 1993 Smithsonian Institution.
All rights are reserved. [Parent] [Offspring] [Synonyms] ORDER XENARTHRA. ...

... Order Xenarthra. 4 Families, 29 species. (Under Construction).
The reference for this List of Orders ...

Brown Throated three-toed sloth
... America. South American fossils date as far back as the Paleocene epoch and the order
Xenarthra are said to form an exclusively New World order (Walker 1991). ...

... Order Xenarthra. Fam. Dasypodidae. ... Melaniella Fox 1984 (Palaeanodonta?) M. timosa
Fox 1984 * (UADW-2). Order inc. sed. (Xenarthra/Pholidota?). Fam. Ernanodontidae. ...

Virginia Hayssen
... Petaurus breviceps, 30, Sugar Glider Order Xenarthra.
Family Megalonychidae Choloepus didactylus, 621 ...

Lecture 10 - Eutheria/Xenarth.
... Order Xenarthra. Eutheria ("Placentals"). ... Cetaceans (whales).
Order Xenarthra (= Edentata; sloths, armadillos, anteaters). ...

World Problems: Alphabetic Index O... (page 285)
... nations new world | (B); Order Vulnerable species bats | (E); Order Xenarthra threat
extinction | (E); Orders armed forces ; Disregard government | (F); Orders ...

Mammalogy Laboratory 3 - Monotremes and Marsupials
... Order Xenarthra (Edentata). Diagnosis: incisors and canines absent; cheek teeth,
when present peg-like, without enamel, and having a single root; deciduous ...

Order XENARTHRA--Armadillos, Anteaters, Sloths (formerly
Edentata) Taxon: 4 families, 13 genera ...

Members of an Ancient Order
... tree sloths, and anteaters are the only living remnants of the order Xenarthra, which
evolved and flourished in South America beginning about 55 million years ...

... Mammals in the Xenarthra order first appeared in South America during the Paleocene
Epoch, about 65 million years ago. When a land bridge formed between North ...

Mammals of Rara Avis
... Common opossum (Didelphis marsupialis). Anteaters, Sloths, and Armadillos
- Order Xenarthra (Edentata) Anteaters - Family Myrmecophagidae ...

Edentates: anteaters, armadillos & sloths (GeoZoo)
... Edentates (Order Xenarthra). Anteaters, Armadillos & Sloths.
Mammals RSVP. Dental Formula (see Mammal Teeth). 0-Many! ...
Description: GeoZoo's Anteater, Armadillo, & Sloth Section (order Xenarthra).

Web Directory
... Taxonomy
of Life - Order Xenarthra Taxonomy of Life - Order Xenarthra ...

Order Xenarthra - Family Bradypodidae - Genus Bradypus Bradypus vs. Choleopus.

Order, Xenarthra. Family: Dasypodidae. Common Name, Scientific Name,
Authority. nine-banded armadillo, Dasypus novemcinctus, Linnaeus, 1758. ...

Webum > Science > Biology > Zoology > Chordates > Mammals ...
... AnimalWeb; Edentates: Anteaters, Armadillos & Sloths GeoZoo's Anteater, Armadillo,
& Sloth Section (order Xenarthra). Project Z - Order Edentata Characteristics ...

Google Web Directory - Science > Biology > Zoology > ...
... Order Xenarthra -
general description. ...

... Order: Xenarthra, (Named for their xenarthric processes, which are an extra
lump of bone on each vertebrae that other mammals do not have.). ...

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