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Figures of Speech


abusio - catachresis 
adiunctio - "adjunction" 
adnominatio - paronomasia 
articulus - comma or phrase 
brevitas -  "conciseness" 
circumitio - periphrasis 
commoratio -  "dwelling on the point" 
commutatio -  "reciprocal change" 
conduplicatio -  "reduplication" 
conformatio -  "personification" 
coniunctio - "conjunction" 
conpar - isocolon 
contentio - antithesis 
contentio - antithesis 
continuatio -  "sentence" 
contrarium -  "reasoning by contraries" 
conversio - antistrophe 
correctio - epidiorthosis 
definitio -  "definition" 
deminutio -  "understatement" 
demonstratio - "ocular demonstration" 
denominatio - metonymy 
descriptio - "vivid description" 
disiunctum - "disjunction" 
dissolutum - asyndeton 
distributio -  "distribution" 
divisio - "division" 
dubitatio - "indecision" 
effictio - "portrayal" 
exclamatio - apostrophe 
exemplum - "exemplification" 
expeditio - "elimination" 
expolitio - "refining" 
frequentatio -  "accumulation" 
gradatio - climax 
imago - simile 
intellectio - synecdoche 
interpretatio - "interpretation" 
interrogatio - erotema 
licentia - "frankness of speech" 
membrum orationis - "clause" 
nominatio - onomatopoeia - "sound producing words" 
notatio - "character delineation" 
occultatio - paralipsis 
permissio -  "surrender" 
permutatio - allegory 
praecisio - aposiopesis 
pronominatio - antonomasia 
ratiocinatio -  "reasoning by question and answer" 
repetitio - epanaphora 
sententia - maxim 
sermocinatio - dialogue 
significatio - emphasis 
similiter cadens - homoioptoton 
similiter desinens - homoeoteleuton 
similitudo - "comparison" 
subiectio - hypophora 
superlatio - hyperbole 
traductio - transplacement and antanaclasis 
transgressio - hyperbaton 
transitio - transition
translatio - metaphor 

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